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Note that there is no foolproof protection from the elements.  Patina will change over time.  Although indoor bronzes maintain their luster longer, both indoor and outdoor bronze sculpture need regularly scheduled maintenance both in the spring and fall.  The steps are the following: 

1.  Observation:  

While enjoying your bronze sculpture look for any signs of fading, dirt, staining or any other things that don't look right.  It's best to take care of any problems before they get bad. 

2.  Cleaning:  

It's good to blow any abrasive loose dirt off the sculpture first.  A can of duster spray could be handy for that.  Try not to rub any dirt that's abrasive into the patina.  Wipe the sculpture down with a clean rag and rubbing alcohol.  It's handy to attach a spray nozzle on the rubbing alcohol bottle so one can liberally spray the alcohol on the piece.  Wipe the alcohol and dirt away.  (Some say to use mild soap and water to clean the bronze sculptures.  This can be done however, I prefer rubbing alcohol since it dries quickly). 

For cleaning any nooks and crannies that can't be reached with the clean towel or rag, spray the alcohol vigorously into those hard to reach areas. 

A skinny clean paint brush and a can of duster spray are also good tools to use for hard to reach areas.

Let the sculpture dry.

3.  Sealing:
Spray on a coat of "Clear Guard" Protective Lacquer.  That nice new finish will start to come back.

"Clear Guard" Protective Lacquer sealer at Sculpt Nouveau may be ordered at 1-800-728-5787.

That's it! 

 If you have questions, concerns or any problems, please contact Rusty Mesa in Santa Fe, NM:  505-216-1649.